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A sharing of Fundition and Steem to aspiring women entreprenuers

Had the pleasure to catch up with 2 aspiring women entrepreneurs who has years of experiences and loads to learn and share with them.

Rozy the one in the middle just opened her new outlet called Baharat located not too far from the city of Kuala Lumpur, it serves a variety of Arabic cuisines with a local twist. It was its first week of opening and I decided to pay it a visit and try it out.


Had an awesome meal and the food was full of flavour.  This was the chicken I had and the portion was just sizeable enough and was not pricey which makes it great.  I wish I had taken more pictures however we were too busy talking and catching up.

The other lady Nicole ( right ) , she manufactures and sells scented candle. A really aspiring entrepreneur as she supplies to Hotels, Airlines and even Royalties in Malaysia.  A huge achievement for her and now she is looking for distributors in other parts of the world exploring the middle eastern markets.

Be sure to checkout her website 

I have introduce both of them to Steemit, Steempress and also Fundition and how the platform works. As usual, irregardless the audience is big or small , we try to share our experiences wherever we are and whoever we meet.  You will surely see these ladies coming onboard steem as they have nothing to loose and loads to share.

Hope you have a great day ahead ! Its only a few more days to Borneo Blockchain Summit and loads of travelling tomorrow !!


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